DOCTOR WHO Cybermen Cufflinks

These NEW DOCTOR WHO Cybermen Cufflinks are handmade in 925 sterling silver



Perfect replicas from the BBC series now in its 51st year. Each detail is painstakingly reproduced  in these Cybermen Cufflinks

Each Cyberman has moving arms, legs and head and look stunning on any shirt cuff, necklace or lapel pin / brooch.

You can see the whole DOCTOR WHO range here.  The collection starts at only £25.00

The Cybermen are a fictional race of Cyborgs who are among the most menacing and persistent enemies of Doctor Who.

Cybermen were originally a species of humanoids originating on Earth’s twin planet called Mondas that began to add more and more parts to their bodies as a means of self-preservation. This led to the Cybermen becoming the logical and calculating Cyborg creatures with every emotion removed from their minds.

These Cybermen cufflinks do not have brains or minds and can be safely stored in your cufflink box at home, without fear of them coming to life.

Cybermen are almost completely built around weaponry, apart from their own bodies. When first seen in The Tenth Planet, they had huge energy weapons that were attached to their chests. In Moonbase, the Cybermen had 2 types of weapons. The first was an electrical discharge from their hands, which stunned the target, and also a type of gun.



This Cyberman pin / brooch looks perfect on any jacket , lapel and a must to wear at any Doctor Who convention or event. And you can buy it here for just £25

And for any women Doctor WHo fans, who would not want this gorgeous Cyberman pendant necklace


So be the first to wear this stunning collection of sterling silver Doctor Who memorabilia including the stunning Cybermen cufflinks then you can buy them now at


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England Rugby Cufflinks

The Official England Rugby Cufflinks. In sterling silver from £95.95

The London Silver Company.Com are the exclusive suppliers to England Rugby for the creation of the England Rugby Rose Silver Collection. Handmade in sterling silver these they represent the official England Rugby Rose emblem.

Laura Wright the mezzo soprano is the official singer of the national anthem at Twickenham for all games. She is also an ambassador for the official England Rugby Silver Rose collection.


The history of the England Rose can be found by clicking here

These England Rugby Cufflinks are secured to your cuff with a solid silver rugby ball by a chain link.



BUY these now by clicking here for only £109

These England Rugby Silver Rose Cufflinks are created by hand and the petals are painted with enamel by a cocktail stick. They are then highly polished by craftsmen to create the sparkling effect that only silver can give you.

Perfect for your everyday work shirt or for that pre Rugby World Cup 2015 black tie dinner, the England Rugby Cufflinks are the Dogs.

If you prefer a simple T-Bar to fix your links then these England Rugby Cufflinks in sterling silver might be the links for you.


BUY these stunning links for £95.95

All of our cufflinks come gift boxed and carry the  official England Rugby logo and hologram for total authenticity.

Other pieces to compliment your England Rugby Cufflinks from the Silver Rose Collection include a Tie Slide.

Tie slides are back in fashion with the Hollywood glitterati such as George Clooney & Leonardo DiCaprio wearing Tie slides to black tie events.


BUY this stunning England Rugby Rose Tie Slide for just £56.95

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England Rugby Silver Rose Collection

The England Rugby Silver Rose Collection was created by The London Silver Company.Com in association and under license with England Rugby.

The collection of 12 pieces is handmade in sterling silver and hallmarked at the Assay Office in London. Each of the Silver roses is hand painted with enamel and then fired, polished and then polished again.

The England Rugby Silver Rose collection is available at

Each piece comes in a a beautiful gift box with full England Rugby branding and hologram for authenticity. All items are despatch FREE with a spend over £50.

The Large Brooch / Pin



The Small Pin



Tie Slide





Rugby Ball & Rose Cufflinks



The Rose Bangle



And the Torque and Rose Bangle



The Rose pendant necklace



and matching silver rose earrings




The Silver Rose Money Clip



And the England Rugby Silver Rose Tie Pin for that right royal ocassion









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England Rugby Rose Cufflinks

England Rugby Rose Cufflinks are now part of an exclusive range of jewellery and gifts for Men and women from The London Silver

The London Silver Company.Com is now an official licensed partner of the England RFU


The England Rose is an official registered trademark of the Rugby Football Union and is subject of extensive trade mark registrations worldwide

england_rugby_rose_cufflinks-diving _player

The England Rugby team has always worn a red rose emblem on the left breast of their shirts

There is no evidence to explain exactly why the Rugby Football Union chose it in 1871 for England’s first international match which was incidentally against the “auld enemy” Scotland.  It was even then displayed on a white jersey /shirt. The England rose was first officially adopted by the RFU in 1920 and replaced with a new ‘corporate’ rose (above) in June 1999.

There are several potential reasons why a red rose was adopted:

The royal English rose is red and white.  It was created to symbolise the end of the “War of the Roses” and the  marriage between the houses of Lancaster (Henry VII) and York ( Elizabeth 1).

The ‘England rose’ is not therefore red. However, but as Elizabeth won,she continued to use the red rose because they were descended from the House of Lancaster. So, it is the red rose that is seen as an emblem of England and English monarchy.This is probably why the RFU selected the red rose and why its so popular with the Royals today.

Prince Harry is a big England Rugby fan and he proved it recently by recording a You Tube piece to camera to cheer on the England Rugby team at the recent QBE internationals.

Prince Harry Attends RFU All School Programme Coaching Event

Price Harry, not wearing his England Rugby Rose Cufflinks

Elizabeth 1 presented the founder of Rugby School Lawrence Sheriff with a coat of arms that included the English Rose .Rugby School school is of course where the game started.

The white kit worn by England Rugby players was also copied from the kit used at Rugby School

The London Silver Company.Com have created a range of 12 stunning pieces that are handmade in sterling silver and feature the England Rose



This large lapel pin or brooch retails for £80 and weighs a hefty grams of solid sterling silver

The “new” England Rose was

It was Alfred Wright, an RFU employee, who standardised the use of the England rose by the RFU on England jerseys. Wright was first employed as a clerk in 1919 and subsequently became Administrative Secretary of the Union.

These England Rugby Rose Cufflinks are linked with a silver chain to a Rugby ball and weigh over 18gms and are available at £109.



Come on England


The Silver Rose Collection will be available to buy from February 1st 2014

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Bloomberg Television appoints us…

Bloomberg Television have appointed The London Silver Company.Com as an official supplier of their sterling silver for corporate gifts.

Mark Taylor the CEO and Founder of The London Silver Company.Com presented a range of potential items to the Commercial & Marketing directors.

Bloomberg decided upon a small initial range of sterling silver, handmade and hallmarked in London premiums that could also be branded with the iconic Bloomberg logo

Bloomberg logo

The range they chose of sterling silver, handmade, hallmarked items included a money clip which reflected Bloomberg’s heritage of understanding markets of all types including yes….money.tlsc_sterling_silver_plain_money_clip_2212

You can buy this now for just £67.00 with free UK delivery

Now while this is a great corporate gift for both a man and woman, the team picked out a stunning sterling keepsake silver box. This can be used for pills, rings, earrings or even a locket of child’s hair.



You too can buy this beauty for just £55.00

And for that busy executive traveller Bloomberg decided upon an unusual sterling silver shaving kit that was also branded with the iconic Bloomberg logo.


This great corporate gift is only £19.75 with FREE UK delivery, a bargain to say the least.

The London Silver Company.Com is committed in providing a premium service to its corporate clients. We are more than happy to work with companies in designing exclusive items for the clients, suppliers and staff.

The ideal corporate gift for a company set up in 1999 and that is 25 years old in 2014…the gift has to be silver, the traditional metal to celebrate a 25th Anniversary of any kind.

BskyB, First Direct & Thames Water are just three companies celebrating their 25 years in business in 2014.

So if you are looking for a bespoke piece of jewellery for that special occasion please do get in touch directly with who will take your brief  and bring it to life in silver for that perfect corporate gift.




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The most expensive cufflinks in the World

Yes the most expensive cufflinks in the world are priced at £2.6m or $4.2m and are made courtesy of the worlds most exclusive celebrity jewellery makers Jacob & Co. These Octagon Cut Canary diamond  cufflinks are created from 18-carat white gold.  The centre piece’s are made up of 20-& 21-carat canary yellow diamonds. They surrounded by 10.76 carats of additional white diamonds or baguettes as they are called.The T bar that secures these beauties to the owners shirt sleeve is diamond encrusted.
But these stunning Sterling Silver round hallmarked cufflinks are a fantastic gift for the man that has everything and are available for just £72 and you can buy them here.
When a man chooses a pair of cufflinks, it reflects his personality. Bling & diamond cufflinks would undoubtedly be chosen by a chap who is confident in him self. The silver cufflinks above would demonstrate a first hand knowledge of the value of silver and what a hallmarked pair of cufflinks was worth. And we have a pair of chunky doubled sided stunners at £140. You can hardly lift your arm?
The traders in the CITY of London are voracious consumers of style and wear their cufflinks daily with pride and you can always find lifestyle tips in the CITY.AM Lifestyle pages to get the latest tips on what to wear and not to be seen dead in.
A classic pair to be worn in the city with a pink shirt are these sterling silver Blue Lapis beauties.
And a great place to buy a pink shirt for those blue Lapis links is of course at Thomas Pink .
And heres a photo of Prince William wearing a pink shirt in the South Pacific………what a man in touch with his feminine side
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Silver Christening Gifts for Prince George

Silver Christening gifts for Prince George on Wednesday 23rd October 2013. What silver christening gifts will the Royal Baby Prince George receive tomorrow at his christening? Who knows?

His right royal parents Wills & Kate have chosen the Chapel Royal at St James Palace which is where Princess Beatrice was christened in 1988 and  where Diana’s coffin lay before her funeral.


The Royal Chapel at St James’s Palace chapel where Prince George will be christened

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby will conduct the service for the christening of George Alexander Louis Windsor.  George will be wearing a copy of a christening gown made for Queen Victorias eldest daughter Victoria The Princess Royal in 1841. This new gown is actually second hand, it was worn in 2008 by Viscount Severn, the son of Edward & Sophie Wessex at his christening.

In attendance will obviously be the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princes Charles and Harry, the Duchess of Cornwall, The God Parents and the Middletons at the 3pm service that is expected to last for 45 minutes.

George is expected to have six godparents who are all commoners and shocking according the the Guardian. After the christening a photograph will be released to the press depicting the Queen with the three future Kings of England – Charles, William and George.

You can find traditional christenings gifts here at The L0ndon Silver Company.Com. One of the most traditional silver christening gifts is the solid silver handmade silver egg cup and spoon and only £166 of solid silver that will increase in value in the child’s lifetime.



The prescedence for such a photograph was set in July 1894 at the christening of the future Edward VIII. It depicted  the royal baby with his father George V, his grandfather, the future Edward VII, and great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

2936-sterling-silver-teddy-spoon-sterling-silver-babys-teething-ring-with-rabbit- sterling-silver-babys-rabbit-rattle


These beautiful traditional silver christening gifts are available here to buy here from only  £27 with FREE UK delivery.







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Silver Cufflinks the perfect gifts for men

No man can resist a new pair of Silver Cufflinks for his favourite shirt. No matter if he received a pair of heavy doubled sided silver cufflinks for his 21st Birthday present or a pair of Rugby Ball cufflinks as a 30th Birthday gift, as a bloke you cannot have enough pairs of cufflinks.

TLSC_tri_plane_silver_cufflinks-0085 3

These Silver Tri-Plane cufflinks are £46 and the sterling silver hallmarked cufflinks are £72, buy them here.

The best gift for a man for his 40th wedding anniversary is a pair of Ruby Cufflinks and a Ruby silver tie slide, for the man who does have everything.




Just £109 here and only £2.73 for each year of marriage.

And the ideal present for a best man is a matching set of cufflinks and shirt studs…in silver of course. These are set with a deep black onyx

silver_onyx_shirt_studs_and _cufflink_set


Silver Cufflinks are indicators of knowing how to dress smartly. It brings personality and character to your cuffed shirts, and this idiot proof  video will teach you how to wear silver cufflinks .

Of course with a DJ / Tuxedo you might wear a silk handkerchief in jacket pocket.


And of course you must have a matching pooch for that black tie wedding :)

And heres the simple video to show you the way to fold that white silk square to match you fantastic Black & White Cufflinks.



So you have your favourite dress shirt on with you best silver shirt studs and matching silver cufflinks. You will have a waistcoat or cummerbund, braces and matching black socks. Your shoes should be black patent with silver / chrome buckles. Just polish off the wife or girlfriend, drape her in silver jewellery and off you go to the ball Mr & Mrs Prince Charming.

And take a taxi…..NOT THE BUS !


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Silver Lockets on Silver Chains

A Silver Locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a photograph or a lock of hair. A silver locket is normally given to a loved one on the occasion of a christening, wedding and of course Valentines day.

Strange but true but it became a tradition to give a locket to a relative at a funeral in Victorian times. Perhaps this is where the curl of hair in a silver locket originates from.

Silver Lockets are usually worn on a chain around the neck, but are sometimes added to charm bracelets. A silver locket normally carries the photograph of the person that gave it as a present or gift, but it might justy have a photograph of both of the loving couple.


A silver locket at the Victoria & Albert Museum dated circa 1650-1700

Some bespoke lockets can hold up to 6 photographs. Silver lockets are made in different heart shapes and sometimes have a glass front to display a curl of hair, when you don’t want to open it all the time.


This perfect sterling silver locket is available to buy here for only £60 with free delivery

Silver lockets were popular in era’s when personal hygiene wasn’t at its best. The locket was made in a filigree style with a small cushion or pad attached to the inside wherby perfume was dropped onto the pad. This protected the wearer from the whiff of the unwashed around them.


The filigree style locket that mask the smell of Wiffy peeps.

In Victorian times “spinner lockets” were also popular whereby the central bail is attached to the silver chain and the silver locket itself is allowed to spin freely.


A Silver “spinner” Locket.

We have a selection of lockets priced between £31 & £64 that make the perfect gift for her or Valentines present for a girlfriend. Buy them here



Terry Lynn created a lovely music track called Silver Locket here on You Tube

And of course there is the fantastic story of ANGELINA BALLERINA and the THE SILVER LOCKET: Angelina borrows her mother’s precious silver locket without permission and is devastated when she loses it. When Angelina must confess to her parents, an unlikely person comes to her rescue!

Don’t miss this too on You Tube here

Remember Silver lockets are precious and the perfect gift for a girl so buy one here 





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Silver Cufflinks & Bespoke Shirts

Cufflinks have been used to secure shirts cuffs since the reign of the French King Louis X1V.  This is the period in history when shirt sleeve’s or the cuffs were first fastened by buttons (normally glass) and joined by a chain, hence the name Cufflinks. And as you can see he was a flamboyant dresser and probably the first person who wore Cufflinks.



Louis X1V , King of France, 1638 – 1715 or as he was better known Louis The Great

Now obviously Louis’s shirts were handmade for him and therefore were bespoke. Some 40 years later the London bespoke shirt makers Thresher & Glenny were established in London and are still operating today in Middle Temple Lane and still hold Royal Warrants granted in the late 18th century.


King George 111 granted Thresher & Glenny their Royal Warrant in 1783

Most bespoke shirt makers makers were established in Saville Row, London W1 in the late 1800’s and are still based there today.

No formal bespoke shirt from an established shirt maker would not have French Cuffs or double cuffs as we know them today and thats why you can choose from 000’s of different styles of cufflinks today.

There are over 150 styles of silver cufflinks in our range at The London Silver Company.ComCufflinks-Slim

and you can buy these now.

Of course a bespoke shirt needs keeping in a pristine condition to show off those silver cufflinks and you can see the professional way to ironing a shirt here. Yes ironing a shirt gentlemen.

Yes even Jason Statham the hardest man on the planet has bespoke shirts made for him and wears a fine French Cuff with Silver Cufflinks

Here is his thank you photo to Russell & Hodge his bespoke shirt maker.



Our sterling silver cufflinks are handmade in 925 silver (92.5%) and range in price from only £27 to £165

TLSC_tri_plane_silver_cufflinks-0085 3


Buy these fantastic Tri Plane Silver Cufflinks for only £46  here.





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