How to Wear Cufflinks

Traditional Silver Cufflinks UK

A History of Silver Cufflinks

Gold and silver cufflinks were first regularly used in the UK way back in the 16th century when social classes became more defined and the upper classes flaunted their wealth and hierarchical superiority through the use of jewellery. Tailored clothing was one way in which the higher classes distinguished themselves, with better quality materials and accessories made from precious metals and gemstones. Collars and cuffs presented an opportunity to wear even more jewellery, and the cufflink became the accessory of choice.

However, when fashion styles became even more formal in the 19th century and top hats and tailcoats were the norm for the upper-classes, cufflinks really came into their own. Trends initially dictated that cuffs and collars at the time were fastened by ribbons or buttons, but with the shirts being starched, they simply weren’t strong enough to hold them in place. As a result, the cufflink made a resurgence into fashion where it has been present, to varying degrees, ever since. Continue reading

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Rugby World Cup Merchandise: Our Range

The Rugby World Cup only happens once every four years, and despite the obvious disappointment of England fans around the country, and even further afield, it’s an occasion we, as a country, should be proud of.

To commemorate this great occasion, The London Silver Company, as official licensees to both England Rugby as well as the Welsh Rugby Union, has introduced a new collection of handmade silver Rugby World Cup merchandise. The range includes a collection featuring the RWC logo, plus a selection of handcrafted products for supporters of selected participating teams including the England Rose, the feathers of the WRU, Springboks, Wallabies and the feather of the All Blacks.

Whether it’s a memento to remember and celebrate the World Cup, or a gift to someone you know lucky enough to have a birthday during this momentous occasion, the collection of handmade silver jewellery will make a great addition to any outfit and can be worn with great patriotic pride.

The quality and design of the Rugby World Cup merchandise ensures that the jewellery can be worn for any future occasion, not just during the competition, and includes cufflinks, pins, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, money clips and much more. Some items are also now available with up to 50% off the RRP.

England Rugby

England Rose


Welsh Rugby Union



New Zealand All Blacks



South Africa Springboks


Australia Wallabies


Rugby World Cup Merchandise


All of our Rugby World Cup merchandise is hand-made, hallmarked and manufactured from the finest sterling silver. Each item is gift boxed and carries official branding and hologram for absolute authenticity.

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Modern Silver Jewellery – The Process of Sterling Silver

Most of us will own, or at least know someone who owns, a piece of sterling silver jewellery, from modern silver jewellery to a sterling silver necklace. But, have you ever thought about the journey that the silver takes before it ends up as that beautiful, stylish item?

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England Rugby Rose: A History

The red rose, or Tudor rose as it is also known, is the national flower of England and is regarded as a symbol of hope, prosperity and unity.

Today, however, it’s probably better known as the emblem of the English rugby team. It has lain prominently on the England rugby jersey since their first fixture against Scotland in 1871, and now serves to evoke pride and patriotism amongst rugby fans throughout the country.

England Rugby Rose

But does anyone actually know why the England rugby rose was adopted over the ‘more traditional’ and indeed battle hardened three lions, which derived from the royal coat of arms carried into battle by English Kings?

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