£100 invested in Silver in 2009 is now worth £249 today!

£100 invested in Silver in 2009 is now worth £249 today!

If you had left it in the bank 4 years [email protected] 2% interest it would be worth £108 today !!!

Silver Price 1992 -2005 photo


Why wouldn’t you want to invest in Sterling Silver?  There is only so much of it on the planet and like gold, when times get tough people buy it because it’s a safe investment.

In the last 20 years the price has risen by 875% and in the past 4 years alone by an amazing by 500%. And yes you can buy Silver Bars. Over 95.7 million ounces of Silver were invested in 2011 that’s worth £6.8bn.

Source The Silver Institute.

silver bars pic

So why wouldn’t you buy a Solid Silver Bracelet or a pair Sterling Silver Cufflink’s for a friend? Lets face it if they don’t like it , they can always sell it to a Silver dealer and trouser the cash.

3353-Sterling-silver-cricket-bat-&-ball -cufflinks

Buy now just £43.

Silver is not just for one anniversary or Birthday its for life. So buy that lifetime investment, buy that Solid Silver Gift for a Man or Woman  starting at just £20

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Which present do you buy for what Wedding Anniversary ?

Which present do you buy for what Wedding Anniversary ? So everyone knows that you give Silver as a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift and gold for a fiftieth but what about the rest?

Well here is the definitive list and some Wedding Anniversary ideas from yours truly . I’m on my 32 and thinking about Coral or Jade, whoever they maybe?

  •  1st: Paper
  • 2nd: Cotton
  • 3rd : Leather
  • 4th: Linen
  • 5th: Wood
  • 6th: Iron
  • 7th: Copper
  • 8th: Bronze
  • 9th: Pottery
  • 10th:Tin or Aluminium
  • 11th: Steel
  • 12th: Silk
  • 13th: Lace
  • 14th: Ivory
  • 15th: Crystal
  • 20th: China
  • 25th: Silver
  • 30th: Pearl
  • 35th: Coral or Jade
  • 40th: Ruby
  • 45th: Sapphire
  • 50th: Gold
  • 55th: Emerald
  • 60th: Diamond


1st, Paper…Come on easy peasy lemon squeezy, the perfect anniversary gift for him is the Newspaper of your choice from the day of your nuptials or edible paper pants, might be fun.

2nd, Cotton ….A little more difficult but an anniversary gift for her is a cotton sleep T shirt with her special name on it. Works a treat..or see year 4

3rd, Leather….No not hand cuffs just yet, its too early in the relationship, so a unique gift for him or her is initialled matching leather wallets4th,  Linen…..Simples…. The perfect anniversary gift idea for you both of you is high quality Egyptian cotton sheets, the more thread the better and 1000 thread the best . This is a joint present, enjoy the sleep if you get any on your anniversary.

5th, Wood…..even more simple……buy him or her a tree, or indeed a Wood that you can go and visit. Have a little sign made to celebrate 5 years of wedded bliss…try….

6th, Iron……No don’t go there, you can’t afford the lawyers. This wedding anniversary idea may be a bit on the lumpy side, but trains used to be called Iron Horse and the Venice Simplon Express is one nice horse.. 7th, Copper…..Ok I give up here and I’m spending your money its got to be  “Copa”  cabana in Rio…get i?, got it good…..go…it’s that time of the 7 year itch.

8th, Bronze…..get a tan….see above

9th, Pottery….Nope I give in…..go to the Cinema

10th, Tin or Aluminimum, Ok you’ve got young kids now and you are broke, so it’s a Take Away tonight and buy a present for your husband of a decent bottle of wine.

11th, Steel….Well you are staying in more now and the perfect gift for a man is a set of decent kitchen knives. A gift for her might be Silver Cuff bracelet from The London Silver Company….the first plug and no we don’t do silver plugs, but theres an idea.

12th,  Silk…..Fill your boots, both of you. Men like a gift of silk underwear too you know.

13th….Lace….Not so unlucky number 13 for him but very much “as above” but buy your husband a decent bottle of wine.

14th, Ivory……NO….go to the cinema.

15th, Crystal….Got to be a fine Chateau Margaux from your wedding year in a pair of fine Crystal wine glasses.These are nice.  The perfect gift idea don’t you think?

16th,…There is No number 16 we now jump to the big…20th

20th Anniversary and that’s China. Simples….. Afternoon tea at the Ritz or Fortnum & Mason. But then order a bottle of champagne and “get a room”

You can buy a solid silver tea strainer at www.thelondonsilvercompany.com to remind you of 20 years of marital bliss.

25th Wedding Anniversary……the big SILVER one and the perfect gift for her and the perfect present for him can be found at www.thelondonsilvercompany.com.

30th, Pearl….simples… a necklace for her (don’t go there) she loves you but not that much. And the perfect gift for him is mother of pearl cufflinks.

35th, Coral or Jade…..two ladies of the night for a three / foursome? or more likely Jewellery for her and Jewellery for him. Coral is quite a beautiful stone.

40th, Ruby…..No presents….just a party for your friends or blow it all on a matching necklace & bracelet for her.

45th Sapphire…. Time to do the ring thing…well its been 45 yrs since you bought her the last one. Surely the best present a woman can get?

50th Gold…..Take the children & grandchildren to Paris or somewhere you love.

55th & 60th, Emerald & Diamond……….give the grandchildren a deposit on their first flat.

Hope you enjoyed my take on Wedding Anniversary gifts for him and for her, so buy one now .



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James Bond Sterling Silver Money Clip from Casino Royale

The James Bond Sterling Silver Money Clip is the most famous in the world and the one used by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.


DC Casino Royale 2006 pic Money ClipJames Bond Money Clip

In the scene at the hotel after the train ride from Montenegro, James Bond takes a note from his money clip at the same time as taking an envelope from the porter with his left hand. We don’t know if this is Daniel Craig’s own money clip as the producers never asked to use it as product placement. So it might just be his own? How cool is that, but you could always check with his fan club www.dedicatedtodaniel.com

The London Silver Company.Com is proud to offer this 20g sterling silver, hallmarked,  billfold.  This is the perfect gift for a man  or why not buy one as a Father’s Day present

Daniel Craig’s was hallmarked with an “f” representing the year in which it was made (2005). Yours with have the most recent years letter beneath the Leopards head, which represents the Assay Office London. This is where it is tested and proven to be 92.5% sterling silver and get the 925 mark.

As James Bond in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig also carried Credit Cards with his cash in his Sterling Silver Money Clip, so maybe Mr Bond wasn’t carrying a wallet that day. Buy one today

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The History of Fathers Day, gifts for Dad

The History of Fathers Day. It was, as you might have guessed invented in the United States of America.  It was a Mum from Washington State called Sonora Dodd, who in 1910 decided that as there was a Mothers Day (established in 1870) there should be a day to celebrate good old Dad.

It didn’t really take off until 20 years later until the 1940’s when she raised the awareness to help the trade bodies such as Tie & Pipe Makers to sell more products as fathers day gifts. It was ordained by Sonora that it would be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June every year. The date is the same in most countries around the World but Russia celebrates as early as February and Bulgaria as late December 26th.

As we know our American cousins like the odd national holiday so in 1972 Richard Nixon the US President at the time declared it so.

Not surprisingly more telephone phone calls are made on Mothers Day than on Fathers Day, due to the amount of single mums. Retailers promote the event to drive sales of of Fathers Day Cards and male orientated Gifts for Dad.

At The London Silver Company our favourite Gifts for Dad would be Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Money Clips or a for the father who has everything what about a stunning Solid Silver fountain Pen, . For the perfect gift for Fathers Day

Sterling Silver Barley rolled fountain pen..just £69. Tourquoise Silver Cufflinks £46, James Bond Money Clip just £99.

3549-sterling-silver-barely- pattern-barrel-fountain-pen3525-Sterling-Silver-Cufflinks -Turquoise Round1620-james-bond-money-clip

Result:  Mothers Day 2 Fathers Day 1 ….but we love them both.



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The London Silver Company.Com. LAUNCH PRESS RELEASE

A new e-commerce business, offering the widest range of sterling silver gifts in the UK, is officially launched today with over 700 items on sale.

The London Silver Company.com will include an eye-catching selection carries a huge range appealing to Men and Women and the perfect Silver gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and christenings.

Mark Taylor is the Founder, owner and CEO who spent 30 years in the TV and advertising industry (History Channel, Hallmark Channel & L!VE TV)

Mr Taylor commented: “I was really surprised when I was researching this project and I could not find a single online company offering a full range of sterling silver gifts in the UK and I wanted to fill that gap in the market”

“Silver seems to be more popular than ever across a very broad age range and we believe that we can satisfy that demand. London has always been at the heart of the world’s silver trading and it’s why I chose the name.”

All of the solid sterling silver items are handmade and hallmarked at the London Assay office that dates back to the year 1300 when King Edward 1st of England insisted all Silverware was hallmarked.

The vast range on offer will include popular items such Cufflinks, Shirt studs, Tie clips, Bangles, Silver Crosses, Bracelets etc with the best selling James Bond Money Clip as featured in Casino Royale and as used by Daniel Craig.

James Bond Money ClipDC Casino Royale 2006 pic Money Clip

Gifts will range from £20 – £500

 The opportunity :

The share of UK online retail sales will rise from 12.7% (2012) to 21.5% by 2018 or the end of the decade (28/5/13) 

Asos just reported a 34% increase in sales for the 6 months to Feb 13th 2013

John Lewis reported pre tax profits of £409m in 2012 a rise of 15.8% year over year. Over the same time period their online sales grew by an amazing 40% Notes to editor..


Hallmark: http://www.thegoldsmiths.co.uk/welcome-to-the-assay-office/

Assay Office: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assay_office

For more photographs please contact [email protected]tlsc-key-photo


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