The History of Silver and Silver gifts

The history of Silver and Silver gifts. Silver was first mined in Turkey in around 3000 BC and a mere 1800 years later the centre of silver production moved to Greece’s Laurium mines. They were 60 km SE of Athens and these silver mines fed the growing empires of the mediterranean.

It was the Spanish mines in 100AD that supplied the Roman Empire and  Silver became the currency along the Asian spice routes. When the Moors invaded Spain, silver mining expanded into Central Europe including Germany where silver mining took place between 750 -1000 AD.  Angela Merkel would be proud.

The biggest single event in Silver’s history was the discovery of the New World in 1492. When the Spaniards conquered the Inca’s and other civilisations in South America, mining of Silver in Peru, Bolivia & Mexico exploded . Between 1500 and 1800 these three countries produced 85% of the worlds silver and trade.

The USA got into the act when they struck the Comstock Silver lode in the State of Nevada.  By the end of the 1870’s the worlds production reached 120m troy ozs ….thats a lot of silver.

So the world loved silver and discoveries in Canada, Africa, Japan, Europe, Australia & Central America drove the annual global production to 190 million troy ounces by the late 1920’s.

1 troy ounce = 31.10 grams

troy ounce

In the last century new technology and mining techniques that separated silver from ,oil , gold and other ore mining produced 671m troy ounces to satisfy the Worlds continued demand for Silver.

To put this into perspective that’s 20,870,433 kilograms of Silver. At a cost £741 per kilogram the world is producing £15,464,990,853 or $23 trillion of Silver each year.

You can be assured that The London Silver Company will always around to turn this production in beautiful handmade sterling silver gifts for him or presents for her.

Heres a link to a really nice video piece about the history of silver made courtesy of are the UK’s largest online retailer of sterling silver gifts, featuring over 700 gifts for him and presents for her.


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First baby gifts & choosing Godparents..the royal question?

What first baby gifts will they receive and who will Prince William and Kate choose as Godparents? No easy task this from a godparent perspective because normally its about who will look after your little Prince if you depart this mortal coil.

While the Church of England suggest two of the same sex and one of the other. The Catholic Church are happy with one. In ancient times you had up to 16 Godparents and that’s a lot of different first baby gifts to find.

Fairy Godmothers (no not Elton John) are supposed to make surprise appearances and make everything better. Actually Godparents should ideally develop a close relationship with their Godchild and be able to talk to them as mentors rather than ask Mum or Dad that difficult question.

Do we think that Brad & Angelinas twins Knox & Vivienne ask their Godfather Bono if going out clubbing at 13 is OK? I’m not sure but I do think however that Gwyneth Paltrows & Drew Barrymores godfather Steven Speilberg might be handy in getting them into certain movies. Elton is Godfather to Liz Hurleys daughter as is her ex Hugh Grant..

More celebrity godparent info here.

Here’s you checklist for finding the perfect godparent and first baby gifts.

If religion is important to you, you’ll probably want Godparents who can provide religious guidance to your child to support your own beliefs, however being minted ie good friends that are wealthy enough to by decent silver presents for a Godchild and support them in life (get them that work placement at the BBC)

Fun Godparents that take them Skiing, to the Zoo and 5* restaurants are cool but are they tough enough to discipline them when they sleep over.

This, perhaps is why Lady Gaga made the perfect fairy godmother for Elton & Davids son.

For the perfect silver christening , first baby gifts and presents for godchildren



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Who sets the price of Silver?

The daily price of silver is determined or ‘fixed’ by what’s known as the London Silver Fixing, and it’s done once a day at noon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). There is also a Gold Fixing which works in a similar fashion but occurs twice daily.

At the start of the fixing, the three members – Bank of Nova Scotia-Scotia Mocatta, HSBC and Deutsche Bank – enter a telephone conference call. The chairmanship rotates annually –Bank of Nova Scotia-Scotia Mocatta is the current chair – and their representative announces an opening price and the other members report that number to their traders.

They relay this price to their customers and, depending upon their interest, decide if they will be buyers or sellers at that price. If buyers and sellers agree on a price, members then state how many ounces of silver they want to trade.

If there is not an equal number of buyers and sellers then the price is moved until the two sides are in agreement. This will go on until a ‘balance’ is achieved for both price and amount (in ounces). When that happens, the chairman declares that the price is fixed. There is some wiggle room in that a price is considered fixed if the buy and sell sides are within 300,000 ounces of each other.

The members collect a fee for handling transactions. They buy silver from clients at the fixing price plus 1⁄4 cent (U.S.) and sell to clients at the fix plus 3⁄4 cent.

silver bars pic

The current fixing system has developed over 300 years, and originally took place in London coffee shops. Adjustments have occurred over time; see a detailed timeline here. In 1967, the fixing was expanded to include ‘spot’ prices for three, six and twelve months going forward. Another change included posting the silver prices in U.S. dollars. In 1999, Sterling and Euros prices were added.

Daily prices in 100-ounce lots are posted on the website of the Silver Fixing

Information curtesy of and more information here on the price of silver

WED_0070 2


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Matching Silver Collars & Cuffs

Matching Silver Collars & Cuffs. It was during the reign of Louis X1V (that’s 14th) that shirt sleeve’s started to be fastened with sleeve buttons, originally coloured glass buttons joined by a linked chain. Cuff Links…….get it?

Below is a modern day Black & White check with mother of pearl and onyx and Sterling Silver


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As for Collar Stiffeners, there is little or no record of when they were introduced to shirts. According to the Gentlemen’s Gazette, where else? It says of a gentlemen “it is important to have a collar that casts a positive light on its wearer”.

Sometimes Collarbones are also referred to as sticks, stays, knuckles, tab’s or in the here in the UK, collar stiffeners. Classically they are made from brass, 14 carat gold, mother of pearl or more likely sterling silver.

Does size matter when it comes to collar stiffeners?  Well yes it does, as they come in 3-5 different sizes, normally between 2&3 inches. Gentlemen of course should remove them from the shirt prior to washing, although not always necessary, but it does reduce call out rates for your British Gas 5* service. And of course they should be kept in a leather wallet for safe keeping.


3551-sterling-silver-shirt-collar- stiffeners-with-feature- hallmarks

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Anyone for Cricket

3353-Sterling-silver-cricket-bat-&-ball -cufflinks

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Silver Jewellery…dont you just love it?

Silver Jewellery…dont you just love it?  Silver has long been wondered at for its brilliant luster and its easy workability. Pure silver, also known as 999 fineness, is highly tarnish resistant, but too soft for use in jewellery.

Silversmiths often mix it with other metals like copper, to harden it. Sterling silver is for example, is 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper. Sterling silver is the silver jewellery standard in most countries and has been since the 14th century. (Edward 1st of England introduced the Hallmark of purity)

This popular alloy is ideal for making silver gifts such as silver earrings, silver bracelets and silver necklaces. Its durability ensures pieces will stay securely fastened when worn.

Today, we are seeing silver jewellery on the fashion runways of the world like never before. Style, the price of gold and a growing market for mid-priced jewellery, have led many jewellery and fashion designers to turn to silver as their metal of choice.


From Tiffany’s to Georg Jensen, silver is an international superstar in the fashion world. Here is the classic trailer from the 1961 classic movie Breakfast at Tiffanys trailer where Audrey Hepburn wheres silver jewellery beautifully. Silver Jewellery of course makes the ideal birthday gift or anniversary present for your favourite woman or man.

See more of the Silver Jewellery that the London Silver Company offers in its photo shoot video that also features a competition to win £100 of Silver Jewellery 


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