Silver Bars discovered for the Christening of Prince George

Silver bars for the Christening of Prince George of Cambridge have been found.

Silver treasure worth £120m ($77m) has been retrieved from the wreck of a British steamship called the SS Gairsoppa. All the Silver will be returned to the Royal Mint and it is rumoured that it is to be used in the minting of a silver coin to commemorate the christening of Prince George of Cambridge the future King George V11 of England

The last Silver bar was raised from the ocean on the same day (23/7/13) that Prince George was introduced to the worlds press.

After 10 years of searching the shipwreck was finally discovered off the coast of Ireland. It had taken Odyssey Marine Exploration (the treasure hunters) who discovered it 2 years ago to bring it up from the ocean bottom.

SS Gairsoppa was on her way back from India in 1941 carrying the precious cargo when it was torpoedod by a German U-boat.

110 Tons of Silver bars weighing 3.6 kilos (80lbs) each were discovered scattered across the seabed and in the ships mail room. Over 3 miles beneath the surface, the wreck could only be reached by submersibles with remotely controlled arms to pick up the bricks.The final solid silver ingot numbered 2742 reached the surface on July 23rd 2013. Each was marked with the name of where it was cast ie Bombay.

After the costs of recovering this precious metal is deducted, Odyssey Marine will collect 80% of the value and the British Government the remaining 20% or circa £23m. Hence why I believe that the coincidence of Baby Prince George and the Silver being exposed to the world will ensure the Royal Mint

Silver has always been a tradional gift for a christening present or christening gift. You can see our total collection of silver christening presents here.




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What are the Hallmarks on Silver gifts?

Over 700 years ago, King Edward 1st of England  (1272-1307) put into law a statute requiring that all silver items must meet the sterling silver standard of being 92.5% pure silver.

He decreed that each item must be assayed (marked) by the “guardians of the craft” who would mark it with a Leopards head.

King Edward 1st is better known as Edward Longshanks (because he was so tall) who defeated William Wallace at the battle of Falkirk, but never conquered Scotland and died himself at Burgh Sands near Carlisle. He is buried at Westminster.

In 1327 King Edward 3rd granted a charter to the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. They were headquartered at Goldsmiths Hall in London, hence the term Hallmark. It was recognised more formally as a “mark of quality’ in 1864.

The Goldsmiths Hall still exists today near St Paul’s in London having been destroyed once by the Great Fire of London in 1666 and bombed  in 1941 during the Second World War and has been subsequently rebuilt. They oversee the London Assay office where precious metals and sterling silver jewellery  are tested for purity and then marked with an official symbol or Hallmarks.

Here is a video demonstrating the Assay office Hallmarking a Silver tray.

You can see the Hallmarks of this stunning sterling silver James Bond Money Clip as used by Daniel Craig in the film Casino Royale


This is how the hallmark system works

  1. DP represents the initials of the silversmith in this case Douglas Pell
  2. 925 represents the purity of the silver 92.5%
  3. The Leopards head represents the city of hallmark in this case London
  4. H represents the year, it was hallmarked in 2008

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All silver jewellery over a certain weight has to be hallmarked. Even our handmade sterling silver collar stiffeners need to be hallmarked.

3551-sterling-silver-shirt-collar- stiffeners-with-feature- hallmarks


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All of The London Silver Company’s items over a certain weight are Hallmarked. These include silver napkin rings, silver pill boxes, silver cufflinks and silver cuff bangles.





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Why use a Silver Fountain Pen?

Why use a Silver Fountain pen ? Well a silver fountain pen is simply the most beautiful thing in the world and sets you apart from the rest.

While people use more and more email and text everyday, sales of fountain pens have recently increased according to a recent article from the BBC

A fountain pen ( silver fountain pens are obviously the best) have an internal reservoir of ink that feeds a nib by gravity and capillary action.

The earliest record of a fountain pen is in 953 when Ma’ad al-Mu’zz the caliph of Maghreb asked his inventors to come up with a pen that didnt stain his clothes or hands and that the ink was contained in a reservoir inside the pen itself.  No examples or records exist of such a pen.

Pens with ink reservoirs were available in Europe in the 17th century and using two quills, one to hold the ink (sealed by a cork) and one as a nib. Samuel Pepys referred to a metal ink pen in 1663.

Historian Hester Dorsey Richardson referenced documentation with “three silver fountain pens, worth 15 shillings” in England during the reign of Charles 2nd (1649–1685).

Robert Morris the younger in 1734 referenced in a ledger “one fountain pen”. So the fountain pen was born and by the mid 19th century Fountain pens were being made around the world.



This fountain pen received a US patent in 1867 for an ink chamber and delivery system.

Today Silver Fountain pens are are luxury goods and very much seen as status symbols.

You can buy this stunning sterling silver fountain pen for a mere £69

3549-sterling-silver-barely- pattern-barrel-fountain-pen


It is thought that fountain pens relieve stress from writing whereby ballpoints can cause aches and pain to arthritis sufferers.

So why use a silver fountain pen ? Well this chap on You Tube will tell you why. He is obviously crazy but loves Silver Fountain Pens.

And don’t forget there is not just blue and black ink. There are literally hundreds of colours of ink to be found at The Writing Desk.


3548-sterling-silver-fine-line- barrel-pattern-fountain-pen


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And please don’t forget that you need to keep your silver fountain pen clean by watching this

Happy writing as were these 10 authors who were all  longhand writers and maybe wrote their novels with a sterling silver fountain pen?

Martin Amis

Paul Auster

J.G. Ballard

Truman Capote

Ernest Hemingway

Hanif Kuresihi

Elmore Leonard

Ian McEwan

Michael Ondaatje

Philip Pullman


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Sterling Silver Napkin Rings

Sterling Silver Napkin rings or Silver serviette rings were first used by the Europes bourgeoise in the 19th century. Initially always made in Silver, they first appeared in France in around 1800 and the idea spread around western Europe.

The purpose of a silver napkin ring is of course is that a quality linen napkin, does not need to be washed after ever meal. So each member of the family would have their own and individually designed or engraved Silver napkin ring so that they could recognise their napkin. It was and is as simple as that and napkins were washed once a week.


Sets of Silver Napkin Rings were sold in sets of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 and sometimes numbered for easy recognition.

Lord King the outgoing boss of The Bank of England was recently given a Silver Napkin Ring worth £597 as a leaving present.

Lord King Silver Napkin Ring

Figure 1 Lord King receives a silver napkin ring


Silver Napkin rings are tradionally given as christening presents, wedding gifts and for 21st birthday presents.

Silver has always been the given to celebrate 25th Wedding anniversaries.


Silver napkin rings make the perfect addition to a table setting, but rarely used by restaurants these days as they get stolen. But any decent dinner party host should have high quality napkins and silver napkin rings to hold them.


Buy this sterling silver napkin ring for only £70 or in sterling silver plate for just £30

Brides & Grooms might want to consider giving their wedding breakfast guests engraved silver napkin rings to commemorate their special day.


Now if you are eating messy food and you dont want to get food down that expensive new tie or Chanel blouse then you need a napkin hook from £27-£48


And if cant work out how to insert a linen napkin into a silver napkin then just watch this video.

So for a large range of sterling silver napkin rings ranging from £21 -£70 just buy them here.






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How to Clean Silver Jewellery ?

How to clean Silver Jewellery? Well actually its very simple with either Bicarbonate of soda or toothpaste.The experts in silver jewellery have always known grandmas secret of using silver foil and bicarbonate of soda. Heres a great video to show you how its done using baking powder and a snap guide to using toothpaste

Both of these cleaning options work quite amazingly and obviously for bigger items, the baking soda is the better option. But for silver jewellery toothpaste might just be the right way to go.

You can of course use polishing cloths for Silver Jewellery  and Town Talk Anti Tarnish Silver Polishing Cloths do the job brilliantly.

Top tips on keeping Silver Jewellery from Town Talks Mr TT’s

To keep your jewellery looking bright and new, always store each item in separate boxes or the compartments of your jewellery box. Otherwise, hang it up!”“Fine pieces of jewellery should be polished with a new, clean cloth each time as an old cloth may contain tiny pieces of dirt which could scratch the jewels. The cost of replacing your cloth is far less than having your jewellery professionally re-polished. Don’t be penny wise, pound foolish.”“Wear your jewellery as much as possible. Doing so helps keeps the metals bright!”

“Jewellery scratches so very easily, it’s always wise to keep precious items apart from each other by wrapping them individually in tissue paper, cotton wool or one of my Polishing Cloths.”

“To keep your jewellery looking bright and new, always store each item in separate boxes or the compartments of your jewellery box. Otherwise, hang it up!”

“The setting and stones of most jewellery need to be cleaned regularly, especially if the piece is worn everyday. Small particles of dirt can get inside intricate fittings and dislodge the stones.”

Earring clips, butterflies and the clasps on bracelets and necklaces are effectively springs and may need to be adjusted from time to time, to ensure they function properly.”

This is brand new very shiny silver jewellery available at The London Silver Company.Com



Silver Heart locket just £31 and  Silver jewellery worn by Laura Bennett from just £21.00


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