Silver Cufflinks & Bespoke Shirts

Cufflinks have been used to secure shirts cuffs since the reign of the French King Louis X1V.  This is the period in history when shirt sleeve’s or the cuffs were first fastened by buttons (normally glass) and joined by a chain, hence the name Cufflinks. And as you can see he was a flamboyant dresser and probably the first person who wore Cufflinks.



Louis X1V , King of France, 1638 – 1715 or as he was better known Louis The Great

Now obviously Louis’s shirts were handmade for him and therefore were bespoke. Some 40 years later the London bespoke shirt makers Thresher & Glenny were established in London and are still operating today in Middle Temple Lane and still hold Royal Warrants granted in the late 18th century.


King George 111 granted Thresher & Glenny their Royal Warrant in 1783

Most bespoke shirt makers makers were established in Saville Row, London W1 in the late 1800’s and are still based there today.

No formal bespoke shirt from an established shirt maker would not have French Cuffs or double cuffs as we know them today and thats why you can choose from 000’s of different styles of cufflinks today.

There are over 150 styles of silver cufflinks in our range at The London Silver Company.ComCufflinks-Slim

and you can buy these now.

Of course a bespoke shirt needs keeping in a pristine condition to show off those silver cufflinks and you can see the professional way to ironing a shirt here. Yes ironing a shirt gentlemen.

Yes even Jason Statham the hardest man on the planet has bespoke shirts made for him and wears a fine French Cuff with Silver Cufflinks

Here is his thank you photo to Russell & Hodge his bespoke shirt maker.



Our sterling silver cufflinks are handmade in 925 silver (92.5%) and range in price from only £27 to £165

TLSC_tri_plane_silver_cufflinks-0085 3


Buy these fantastic Tri Plane Silver Cufflinks for only £46  here.





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Black Tie and Silver Shirt Studs

Black Tie and Silver Shirt Studs

The wearing of Black Tie in the evening dates back to circa 1865. King Edward V11 who at the time was the Prince of Wales commissioned the Tailors Henry Poole & Co to design him a short smoking jacket to wear at informal dinner parties.


Edward V11

Henry Poole & Co were the first tailors in the now famous street Saville Row in London’s West End, where the great and the good and wealthy still  have their suits made. They were also tailors to Emporer Napoloen 111. They also made Dinner suits for King Edward V111 who abdicated the British throne to marry the American divorcee Mrs Wallace Simpson.


King Edward V111 in DJ and shirt studs

Waistcoats and Cummerbunds should never be seen together. In fact cummerbunds were first worn by the British Army in India  to hide their waistband and braces beneath their short red smoking jackets . What the King wore the Army wore.

Today a black or midnight blue jacket is the normally the preferred colour, but not really acceptable before 6pm. The DJ or in the US they call this a Tuxedo

A tuxedo in the UK is normally white and can be worn before 6pm for lunches, weddings etc.

Bow ties should be made of black silk, shoes black patent or highly polished.

Dress Shirts worn with shirt studs for black tie have traditionally had “french” or Double cuffs to be secured by Cufflinks…get it.


These silver spitfire cufflinks are in a double or french cuff and you can buy them now for only £41

The original formal dress shirt is designed to be worn with shirt studs. Traditionally these are in silver or gold settings, most commonly Silver Onyx Studs or Silver Mother of Pearl Studs, which are also more formal and worn with white tie.

At the London Silver Company.Com we have a large selection of shirt studs in all colours for all occasions. Cornelian shirt studs, Oyster Shell shirt studs, Mother of Pearl, Black Shell shirt studs, Plain Silver shirt studs, Turquoise shirt studs.


3527-sterling-silver-cornelian-shirt-studs 3528-sterling-silver-oyster-shell-shirt-studs

These Cornelian and oyster shell silver shirt studs are only £63 and you can buy them now.


The perfect gift for a man is this box set of silver onyx shirt studs and matching silver onyx cufflinks



silver_onyx_shirt_studs_and _cufflink_set


Buy this set now for only £101


Silver Cufflinks are a way of bringing to life a black tie and to give oneself some individuality amongst a bunch of similarly dressed men.

Or win best dressed man like Daniel Craig with silver shirt studs and a Money Clip as used by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale



So be the best dressed man at your next Black tie event and dont forget those Silver Shirt studs.


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Silver Crosses and Silver Cross Prams

Sterling Silver Crosses make the perfect christening gift for a girl, while Silver Cross prams transport them in their early days of life

What little girl would not like a Silver Cross on a chain for her birthday in fact what grown up girl wouldn’t like a Sterling Silver Cross?

The origin of wearing silver crosses goes back hundreds of centuries. History has shown that the cross as a symbol was used centuries before Christ. In the British Museum there is a statue of Shalmaneser 1st who was an early king of Assyria in about B.C. 1300 and around his neck is an almost perfect Maltese cross.


The Greek goddess Diana is depicted with a cross over her head in many paintings as was Bachuss the Greek God of wine. Different styles of crosses were used in Mexico centuries before the Spaniards invaded South America. The Egyptians and the Hindus both used the cross as a symbol hundreds of years before Christ.


The use of a cross by Christians did not actually start until the age of Constantine 300 years after Christ. Ironically its pretty clear that they borrowed it from the Pagans.

Silver has been used as a metal in Jewellery for thousands of years and hence Silver Crosses have been created in this precious metal to adorn the necks of Women & Men over the centuries.

Every girl should own a Silver Cross so buy one here from between £27-£51.



Silver Cross has been an established brand in the UK for over 130 years. So will Prince George be the next Royal Baby to be transported in a classic Silver Cross pram?



Silver Cross prams were first built in the UK in Hunslet near Leeds in 1877. The owner William Wilson ambition was a simple one, to build the best prams the world . Since he was a child, Wilson had been obsessed with engineering and having designed a blueprint for a new kind of suspension system, the now iconic Silver Cross pram was born.

The British Royal family always bought Silver Cross prams.


And when Princes Grace was photographed with a Silver Cross, pram sales boomed and more importantly when it became the transport of choice for baby Princes William and Harry in the 1980’s the retro design suddenly found itself back in vogue. Dubbed the Rolls Royce of prams from the start ,Silver Cross prided itself on quality.


Silver Cross in recent years has become one of the fastest growing private companies in the UK

For a demonstration of the classic Balmoral model just watch this You Tube video

But before you buy that Silver Cross pram for your prince or princess, ensure you buy a Silver Cross on a chain for that perfect christening gift for a girl.







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