DOCTOR WHO Cybermen Cufflinks

These NEW DOCTOR WHO Cybermen Cufflinks are handmade in 925 sterling silver



Perfect replicas from the BBC series now in its 51st year. Each detail is painstakingly reproduced  in these Cybermen Cufflinks

Each Cyberman has moving arms, legs and head and look stunning on any shirt cuff, necklace or lapel pin / brooch.

You can see the whole DOCTOR WHO range here.  The collection starts at only £25.00

The Cybermen are a fictional race of Cyborgs who are among the most menacing and persistent enemies of Doctor Who.

Cybermen were originally a species of humanoids originating on Earth’s twin planet called Mondas that began to add more and more parts to their bodies as a means of self-preservation. This led to the Cybermen becoming the logical and calculating Cyborg creatures with every emotion removed from their minds.

These Cybermen cufflinks do not have brains or minds and can be safely stored in your cufflink box at home, without fear of them coming to life.

Cybermen are almost completely built around weaponry, apart from their own bodies. When first seen in The Tenth Planet, they had huge energy weapons that were attached to their chests. In Moonbase, the Cybermen had 2 types of weapons. The first was an electrical discharge from their hands, which stunned the target, and also a type of gun.



This Cyberman pin / brooch looks perfect on any jacket , lapel and a must to wear at any Doctor Who convention or event. And you can buy it here for just £25

And for any women Doctor WHo fans, who would not want this gorgeous Cyberman pendant necklace


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