First baby gifts & choosing Godparents..the royal question?

What first baby gifts will they receive and who will Prince William and Kate choose as Godparents? No easy task this from a godparent perspective because normally its about who will look after your little Prince if you depart this mortal coil.

While the Church of England suggest two of the same sex and one of the other. The Catholic Church are happy with one. In ancient times you had up to 16 Godparents and that’s a lot of different first baby gifts to find.

Fairy Godmothers (no not Elton John) are supposed to make surprise appearances and make everything better. Actually Godparents should ideally develop a close relationship with their Godchild and be able to talk to them as mentors rather than ask Mum or Dad that difficult question.

Do we think that Brad & Angelinas twins Knox & Vivienne ask their Godfather Bono if going out clubbing at 13 is OK? I’m not sure but I do think however that Gwyneth Paltrows & Drew Barrymores godfather Steven Speilberg might be handy in getting them into certain movies. Elton is Godfather to Liz Hurleys daughter as is her ex Hugh Grant..

More celebrity godparent info here.

Here’s you checklist for finding the perfect godparent and first baby gifts.

If religion is important to you, you’ll probably want Godparents who can provide religious guidance to your child to support your own beliefs, however being minted ie good friends that are wealthy enough to by decent silver presents for a Godchild and support them in life (get them that work placement at the BBC)

Fun Godparents that take them Skiing, to the Zoo and 5* restaurants are cool but are they tough enough to discipline them when they sleep over.

This, perhaps is why Lady Gaga made the perfect fairy godmother for Elton & Davids son.

For the perfect silver christening , first baby gifts and presents for godchildren



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