The History of Fathers Day, gifts for Dad

The History of Fathers Day. It was, as you might have guessed invented in the United States of America.  It was a Mum from Washington State called Sonora Dodd, who in 1910 decided that as there was a Mothers Day (established in 1870) there should be a day to celebrate good old Dad.

It didn’t really take off until 20 years later until the 1940’s when she raised the awareness to help the trade bodies such as Tie & Pipe Makers to sell more products as fathers day gifts. It was ordained by Sonora that it would be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June every year. The date is the same in most countries around the World but Russia celebrates as early as February and Bulgaria as late December 26th.

As we know our American cousins like the odd national holiday so in 1972 Richard Nixon the US President at the time declared it so.

Not surprisingly more telephone phone calls are made on Mothers Day than on Fathers Day, due to the amount of single mums. Retailers promote the event to drive sales of of Fathers Day Cards and male orientated Gifts for Dad.

At The London Silver Company our favourite Gifts for Dad would be Sterling Silver Cufflinks, Money Clips or a for the father who has everything what about a stunning Solid Silver fountain Pen, . For the perfect gift for Fathers Day

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Result:  Mothers Day 2 Fathers Day 1 ….but we love them both.



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