James Bond Sterling Silver Money Clip from Casino Royale

The James Bond Sterling Silver Money Clip is the most famous in the world and the one used by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.


DC Casino Royale 2006 pic Money ClipJames Bond Money Clip

In the scene at the hotel after the train ride from Montenegro, James Bond takes a note from his money clip at the same time as taking an envelope from the porter with his left hand. We don’t know if this is Daniel Craig’s own money clip as the producers never asked to use it as product placement. So it might just be his own? How cool is that, but you could always check with his fan club www.dedicatedtodaniel.com

The London Silver Company.Com is proud to offer this 20g sterling silver, hallmarked,  billfold.  This is the perfect gift for a man  or why not buy one as a Father’s Day present

Daniel Craig’s was hallmarked with an “f” representing the year in which it was made (2005). Yours with have the most recent years letter beneath the Leopards head, which represents the Assay Office London. This is where it is tested and proven to be 92.5% sterling silver and get the 925 mark.

As James Bond in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig also carried Credit Cards with his cash in his Sterling Silver Money Clip, so maybe Mr Bond wasn’t carrying a wallet that day. Buy one today

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