Matching Silver Collars & Cuffs

Matching Silver Collars & Cuffs. It was during the reign of Louis X1V (that’s 14th) that shirt sleeve’s started to be fastened with sleeve buttons, originally coloured glass buttons joined by a linked chain. Cuff Links…….get it?

Below is a modern day Black & White check with mother of pearl and onyx and Sterling Silver


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As for Collar Stiffeners, there is little or no record of when they were introduced to shirts. According to the Gentlemen’s Gazette, where else? It says of a gentlemen “it is important to have a collar that casts a positive light on its wearer”.

Sometimes Collarbones are also referred to as sticks, stays, knuckles, tab’s or in the here in the UK, collar stiffeners. Classically they are made from brass, 14 carat gold, mother of pearl or more likely sterling silver.

Does size matter when it comes to collar stiffeners?  Well yes it does, as they come in 3-5 different sizes, normally between 2&3 inches. Gentlemen of course should remove them from the shirt prior to washing, although not always necessary, but it does reduce call out rates for your British Gas 5* service. And of course they should be kept in a leather wallet for safe keeping.


3551-sterling-silver-shirt-collar- stiffeners-with-feature- hallmarks

Sterling Silver Cufflinks and Sterling Silver Collar Stiffeners make the perfect gifts for men.  Buy now for £65 

Anyone for Cricket

3353-Sterling-silver-cricket-bat-&-ball -cufflinks

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