Silver Bars discovered for the Christening of Prince George

Silver bars for the Christening of Prince George of Cambridge have been found.

Silver treasure worth £120m ($77m) has been retrieved from the wreck of a British steamship called the SS Gairsoppa. All the Silver will be returned to the Royal Mint and it is rumoured that it is to be used in the minting of a silver coin to commemorate the christening of Prince George of Cambridge the future King George V11 of England

The last Silver bar was raised from the ocean on the same day (23/7/13) that Prince George was introduced to the worlds press.

After 10 years of searching the shipwreck was finally discovered off the coast of Ireland. It had taken Odyssey Marine Exploration (the treasure hunters) who discovered it 2 years ago to bring it up from the ocean bottom.

SS Gairsoppa was on her way back from India in 1941 carrying the precious cargo when it was torpoedod by a German U-boat.

110 Tons of Silver bars weighing 3.6 kilos (80lbs) each were discovered scattered across the seabed and in the ships mail room. Over 3 miles beneath the surface, the wreck could only be reached by submersibles with remotely controlled arms to pick up the bricks.The final solid silver ingot numbered 2742 reached the surface on July 23rd 2013. Each was marked with the name of where it was cast ie Bombay.

After the costs of recovering this precious metal is deducted, Odyssey Marine will collect 80% of the value and the British Government the remaining 20% or circa £23m. Hence why I believe that the coincidence of Baby Prince George and the Silver being exposed to the world will ensure the Royal Mint

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