Silver Cufflinks & Bespoke Shirts

Cufflinks have been used to secure shirts cuffs since the reign of the French King Louis X1V.  This is the period in history when shirt sleeve’s or the cuffs were first fastened by buttons (normally glass) and joined by a chain, hence the name Cufflinks. And as you can see he was a flamboyant dresser and probably the first person who wore Cufflinks.



Louis X1V , King of France, 1638 – 1715 or as he was better known Louis The Great

Now obviously Louis’s shirts were handmade for him and therefore were bespoke. Some 40 years later the London bespoke shirt makers Thresher & Glenny were established in London and are still operating today in Middle Temple Lane and still hold Royal Warrants granted in the late 18th century.


King George 111 granted Thresher & Glenny their Royal Warrant in 1783

Most bespoke shirt makers makers were established in Saville Row, London W1 in the late 1800’s and are still based there today.

No formal bespoke shirt from an established shirt maker would not have French Cuffs or double cuffs as we know them today and thats why you can choose from 000’s of different styles of cufflinks today.

There are over 150 styles of silver cufflinks in our range at The London Silver Company.ComCufflinks-Slim

and you can buy these now.

Of course a bespoke shirt needs keeping in a pristine condition to show off those silver cufflinks and you can see the professional way to ironing a shirt here. Yes ironing a shirt gentlemen.

Yes even Jason Statham the hardest man on the planet has bespoke shirts made for him and wears a fine French Cuff with Silver Cufflinks

Here is his thank you photo to Russell & Hodge his bespoke shirt maker.



Our sterling silver cufflinks are handmade in 925 silver (92.5%) and range in price from only £27 to £165

TLSC_tri_plane_silver_cufflinks-0085 3


Buy these fantastic Tri Plane Silver Cufflinks for only £46  here.





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