Silver Jewellery…dont you just love it?

Silver Jewellery…dont you just love it?  Silver has long been wondered at for its brilliant luster and its easy workability. Pure silver, also known as 999 fineness, is highly tarnish resistant, but too soft for use in jewellery.

Silversmiths often mix it with other metals like copper, to harden it. Sterling silver is for example, is 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper. Sterling silver is the silver jewellery standard in most countries and has been since the 14th century. (Edward 1st of England introduced the Hallmark of purity)

This popular alloy is ideal for making silver gifts such as silver earrings, silver bracelets and silver necklaces. Its durability ensures pieces will stay securely fastened when worn.

Today, we are seeing silver jewellery on the fashion runways of the world like never before. Style, the price of gold and a growing market for mid-priced jewellery, have led many jewellery and fashion designers to turn to silver as their metal of choice.


From Tiffany’s to Georg Jensen, silver is an international superstar in the fashion world. Here is the classic trailer from the 1961 classic movie Breakfast at Tiffanys trailer where Audrey Hepburn wheres silver jewellery beautifully. Silver Jewellery of course makes the ideal birthday gift or anniversary present for your favourite woman or man.

See more of the Silver Jewellery that the London Silver Company offers in its photo shoot video that also features a competition to win £100 of Silver Jewellery 


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