Silver Lockets on Silver Chains

A Silver Locket is a pendant that opens to reveal a photograph or a lock of hair. A silver locket is normally given to a loved one on the occasion of a christening, wedding and of course Valentines day.

Strange but true but it became a tradition to give a locket to a relative at a funeral in Victorian times. Perhaps this is where the curl of hair in a silver locket originates from.

Silver Lockets are usually worn on a chain around the neck, but are sometimes added to charm bracelets. A silver locket normally carries the photograph of the person that gave it as a present or gift, but it might justy have a photograph of both of the loving couple.


A silver locket at the Victoria & Albert Museum dated circa 1650-1700

Some bespoke lockets can hold up to 6 photographs. Silver lockets are made in different heart shapes and sometimes have a glass front to display a curl of hair, when you don’t want to open it all the time.


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Silver lockets were popular in era’s when personal hygiene wasn’t at its best. The locket was made in a filigree style with a small cushion or pad attached to the inside wherby perfume was dropped onto the pad. This protected the wearer from the whiff of the unwashed around them.


The filigree style locket that mask the smell of Wiffy peeps.

In Victorian times “spinner lockets” were also popular whereby the central bail is attached to the silver chain and the silver locket itself is allowed to spin freely.


A Silver “spinner” Locket.

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And of course there is the fantastic story of ANGELINA BALLERINA and the THE SILVER LOCKET: Angelina borrows her mother’s precious silver locket without permission and is devastated when she loses it. When Angelina must confess to her parents, an unlikely person comes to her rescue!

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