Sterling Silver Napkin Rings

Sterling Silver Napkin rings or Silver serviette rings were first used by the Europes bourgeoise in the 19th century. Initially always made in Silver, they first appeared in France in around 1800 and the idea spread around western Europe.

The purpose of a silver napkin ring is of course is that a quality linen napkin, does not need to be washed after ever meal. So each member of the family would have their own and individually designed or engraved Silver napkin ring so that they could recognise their napkin. It was and is as simple as that and napkins were washed once a week.


Sets of Silver Napkin Rings were sold in sets of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 and sometimes numbered for easy recognition.

Lord King the outgoing boss of The Bank of England was recently given a Silver Napkin Ring worth £597 as a leaving present.

Lord King Silver Napkin Ring

Figure 1 Lord King receives a silver napkin ring


Silver Napkin rings are tradionally given as christening presents, wedding gifts and for 21st birthday presents.

Silver has always been the given to celebrate 25th Wedding anniversaries.


Silver napkin rings make the perfect addition to a table setting, but rarely used by restaurants these days as they get stolen. But any decent dinner party host should have high quality napkins and silver napkin rings to hold them.


Buy this sterling silver napkin ring for only £70 or in sterling silver plate for just £30

Brides & Grooms might want to consider giving their wedding breakfast guests engraved silver napkin rings to commemorate their special day.


Now if you are eating messy food and you dont want to get food down that expensive new tie or Chanel blouse then you need a napkin hook from £27-£48


And if cant work out how to insert a linen napkin into a silver napkin then just watch this video.

So for a large range of sterling silver napkin rings ranging from £21 -£70 just buy them here.






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