Why use a Silver Fountain Pen?

Why use a Silver Fountain pen ? Well a silver fountain pen is simply the most beautiful thing in the world and sets you apart from the rest.

While people use more and more email and text everyday, sales of fountain pens have recently increased according to a recent article from the BBC

A fountain pen ( silver fountain pens are obviously the best) have an internal reservoir of ink that feeds a nib by gravity and capillary action.

The earliest record of a fountain pen is in 953 when Ma’ad al-Mu’zz the caliph of Maghreb asked his inventors to come up with a pen that didnt stain his clothes or hands and that the ink was contained in a reservoir inside the pen itself.  No examples or records exist of such a pen.

Pens with ink reservoirs were available in Europe in the 17th century and using two quills, one to hold the ink (sealed by a cork) and one as a nib. Samuel Pepys referred to a metal ink pen in 1663.

Historian Hester Dorsey Richardson referenced documentation with “three silver fountain pens, worth 15 shillings” in England during the reign of Charles 2nd (1649–1685).

Robert Morris the younger in 1734 referenced in a ledger “one fountain pen”. So the fountain pen was born and by the mid 19th century Fountain pens were being made around the world.



This fountain pen received a US patent in 1867 for an ink chamber and delivery system.

Today Silver Fountain pens are are luxury goods and very much seen as status symbols.

You can buy this stunning sterling silver fountain pen for a mere £69

3549-sterling-silver-barely- pattern-barrel-fountain-pen


It is thought that fountain pens relieve stress from writing whereby ballpoints can cause aches and pain to arthritis sufferers.

So why use a silver fountain pen ? Well this chap on You Tube will tell you why. He is obviously crazy but loves Silver Fountain Pens.

And don’t forget there is not just blue and black ink. There are literally hundreds of colours of ink to be found at The Writing Desk.


3548-sterling-silver-fine-line- barrel-pattern-fountain-pen


This beauty is only £79 so why not buy one now!

And please don’t forget that you need to keep your silver fountain pen clean by watching this

Happy writing as were these 10 authors who were all  longhand writers and maybe wrote their novels with a sterling silver fountain pen?

Martin Amis

Paul Auster

J.G. Ballard

Truman Capote

Ernest Hemingway

Hanif Kuresihi

Elmore Leonard

Ian McEwan

Michael Ondaatje

Philip Pullman


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